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2-Year Old Performs Dramatic Rendition of Alphabet Song

Do you remember when you learned your ABC's? I don't, but I know it took me awhile to nail down those 26 letters—especially that tricky "L-M-N-O-P" bit. If you can relate, then prepare to be impressed by the dramatic performance of 2 year old, Violet Ogea. This toddler gives a performance fit for an opera prima donna—complete with a strong finish.

As her mother, Christina Ogea of Shreveport, LA, told CNN, “Every day when I pick her up, she runs to the theater and makes me and her brothers sit in the audience so she can sing for us. She really digs the acoustics in there. She learns the songs at night when I rock her to sleep. She would start singing them back to me, so I decided to start singing the alphabet to her so she could learn them. We are always playing music in our house, dancing with the kids and she just loves to sing for us all. And this is just the way she likes to sing." 

Brava, Violet! Brava! 

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