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20 Fine Motor Skills Activities

by Devin Berglund

Fine motor skills are very important for preschoolers & toddlers to build. It will help develop the skills they need to do day-to-day things such as writing and tying their shoes. When it comes to fine motor skills activities you don't have to look far, because many of the items needed for these activities are sitting around your house.


Easter Egg Color Matching - Your kids are going to love this colorful Easter egg project.

Clothespin Math - This activity is brilliant and it requires little set up time. Plus, it strengthens fine motor skills, while teaching children math. Bonus win!!

Sticker Tracers - What child doesn't love stickers? Draw shapes on paper and have your kids stick stickers onto the outlines of the shapes.

Paint Sample Matching - This would be a perfect activity for car trips. And it's a plus that this is such a cheap activity.

Feather Beading - Your children are going to love this. It builds hand-eye coordination, color awareness, and encourages counting.

Paperclip Counting - This activity is great for building counting and color matching skills.



Painting with Spaghetti - Who would have thought of painting with spaghetti? It's a little messy, but definitely a brilliant idea!!

16 Irresistible Play-Dough Recipes - We love all of these play-dough recipes. Check out the variety of recipes from edible play-dough to sensory games your children can play with the play-dough.

Exploring Waldorf with Play-Dough - This activity is great for building fine motor skills and plus, it's fun!

Ribbon Board - This ribbon pulling board will help kids build fine motor skills without them even knowing it.



Textured Eggs - First off, these are adorable! Your kids are going to love how funky and brightly colored they are.

Bead Stars - This bead exercise will definitely work your kid's little muscles. End the bead activity by making a necklace or bracelet with them. Then they will have something fashionable to wear.

Alphabet Clothespin Matching - Try this fun activity to teach your kids the ABCs in a new way.

Pom Pom Pick-Up Game - This looks fun, but it might be a little difficult for your small ones.

Pom Pom Drop - Get some brightly colored Pom Poms and you are ready to go. They will love this one.

Calming Bottles - These are beautiful and perfect for building sensory skills. You can help your little ones make these. They are great sensory tools for younger kids and perfect for using with older kids during a time in or cool off period.



Water Duck Race - This activity will be perfect for those hot days when you want to get outside. All you need are some squirt guns, floaty rubber duckies, and a tub of water. Easy, but so much fun!!

Fine Motor Skills Cutting Activity - Print these off and have your kids cut along the lines.

Cupcake Counting Game - This is a unique way to teach counting skills. After, you could always have them help you make cupcakes. They'd love that!

Number & Letter Sequencing - This one is amazing. Your kids will feel like number and letter experts by the time they are done with this activity.

Doing these activities with your kids will help them build fine motor skills. Incorporate these activities with other day-to-day things and have fun while you do them!


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Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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