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25 Days of Christmas Giving, Simple Giving Activities for Children

by Rebecca Eanes

The Holiday Season is upon us again, and I’m going to start a new family tradition. I’d like to take my kids’ focus off of getting and onto giving for a few minutes each day. To do this, I’m going to stuff an extra slip of paper into our advent wall calendar. Normally, each pocket holds a fun family activity drawn from this list. This year, each pocket will also include a giving activity – either giving time, giving from the heart, lending a hand, or giving a material item. I want my children to understand that they are spreaders of kindness and cheer, not merely receivers of it. I want to empower them to make a positive difference in the world and teach them that every human, no matter how old or how small, can make a big impact! Here’s what I’m writing on our slips of paper.


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1. Bake cookies to take to the local fire department.

2. Pick an angel off the angel tree and go shopping for that child.

3. Write a greeting card or letter to a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or other beloved family member. Take a photo of yourself so they can see how much you’ve grown! Mail it today.

4. Visit the local animal shelter to play with kittens, walk dogs, and take food.

5. Put together several bagged lunches for homeless people in the area.

6. Make something for your sibling or cousin to show you care. Ideas include a beaded bracelet or keychain, a drawing, picture frame, or card.

7. Spend time with a grandparent or elderly neighbor.

8. Leave a bag of treats by your mailbox for the mailman.

9. Do a chore for your sibling.

10. Write a thank you note to the trash collectors.

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