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30 Days of Gratitude for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes

In November, it’s common on social media to show our gratitude each day of the month with hashtags such as #30daysofthanks or #thankful. I love this practice and think it’s a great idea to get our children involved, not on social media per se, but in harnessing the attitude of gratitude that will last beyond November. With the idea of building positive habits in mind, I’ve put together 30 days of journal prompts and acts of kindness to try with your kids.

Day One:

Journal Prompt – Which holiday is your favorite and why are you grateful for this holiday?

Act of Kindness – Think of a gift you’ve received recently. Write a thank you note to the giver and either hand-deliver or mail it.

Day Two:

Journal Prompt – Write about something good that happened to you today.

Act of Kindness – Hold the door open for someone.

Day Three:

Journal Prompt – Name 3 people in your life you are grateful for and why.

Act of Kindness – Take a gift to your teacher. Consider an apple or flowers.

Day Four:

Journal Prompt – What talent do you have that you are grateful for?

Act of Kindness – Do a chore without being asked.

Day Five:

Journal Prompt – What is your favorite season? Why are you grateful for it?

Act of Kindness – Call your grandparent, a favorite aunt or uncle, or another family member you haven’t seen in a while.

Day Six:

Journal Prompt – Find something in your house that smells really good. What is it and why are you grateful for the sense of smell?

Act of Kindness – Pick up litter on your street or at a local park.

Day Seven:

Journal Prompt – What is your favorite possession? Who gave it to you? Tell them you’re grateful for it.

Act of Kindness – Leave a small treat in the mailbox for the mailman. 

Day Eight:

Journal Prompt – What is one thing you love about yourself?

Act of Kindness – Write a thank you note to a coach, teacher, or someone who has been a light reflector for you.

Day Nine:

Journal Prompt – Fill in the blank: I am thankful I learned how to _______.

Act of Kindness – Compliment a friend today. Here are 50 encouraging phrases to help.

Day Ten:

Journal Prompt – What do you like about your town? Why are you grateful to live there?

Act of Kindness – Visit the animal shelter. Take the dogs for a walk, pet the cats, or donate food to the shelter.

Gratitude activity suggestions for days eleven through twenty on page 2...

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