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30 Days of Gratitude for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes

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Day Eleven:

Journal Prompt – What do you love about your parent(s)? Tell them how thankful you are to have them.

Act of Kindness – Tape bags of microwaveable popcorn to the Redbox machine.

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Day Twelve:

Journal Prompt – What is your favorite sound? Why are you grateful for the sense of hearing?

Act of Kindness – Make a homemade gift for a friend or sibling.

Day Thirteen:

Journal Prompt – Who is your favorite person at school? Why are you thankful for this person?

Act of Kindness – Make a thank you sign for the sanitation workers and leave it somewhere they will see it.

Day Fourteen:

Journal Prompt – Name 5 things you see in your home that you are grateful for today.

Act of Kindness – Gather old toys and donate them to charity.

Day Fifteen:

Journal Prompt – Write down at least 3 service people you are thankful for. Firemen? Police officers? Chefs? Cashiers?

Act of Kindness – Donate books you’ve already read to the library.

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Day Sixteen:

Journal Prompt – What technology are you thankful to have in your home?

Act of Kindness – Sit with someone at lunch who looks lonely or invite someone to play at recess.

Day Seventeen:

Journal Prompt – What was something nice that you witnessed today?

Act of Kindness – Return someone’s grocery cart at the store.

Day Eighteen:

Journal Prompt – What is your favorite thing to do outside? What outside gift are you thankful for? Your bike? Your scooter? Your pool?

Act of Kindness – Tape a couple of dollars inside an envelope to a vending machine with a note saying “This drink is on me. Enjoy!”

Day Nineteen:

Journal Prompt – Name 3 reasons you’re grateful to have clean and running water in your home. How does this make life easier?

Act of Kindness – Give your school bus driver a treat.

Day Twenty:

Journal Prompt – Look around your house for something that feels soft and cuddly. What is it? Why are you grateful for the sense of touch?

Act of Kindness – Donate clothes you’ve outgrown to charity.

Gratitude activities for the rest of November on page 3...

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