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30 Days of Play in November

by Rebecca Eanes

Last month, I began a new series, giving you simple and inexpensive play ideas for every day of the month. You asked for me to keep these posts coming every month, and so here are 30 fresh new play ideas for the month of November! Plus, since the season of Thanksgiving is upon us, check out these Thanksgiving traditions.



November 1st - 7th:

1. Play balloon tennis. Tape a paper plate to a paint stick for the tennis racket, and use a balloon as the tennis ball.

2. Build a town out of cardboard boxes. Cut holes for doors and windows, decorate the “buildings” with construction paper, crayons, glitter, or whatever else you have on hand, and use small toys and figures to occupy your town.

3. Pretend play detectives. Create clues for the kids to follow and see if they can solve the mystery!

4. Play traditional birthday party games even if it’s nobody’s birthday. Try these ideas.

5. Watch a Thanksgiving movie together after the big dinner. Here is a list to choose from.

6. Act out a children’s book, like We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

7. Do karaoke.

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