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30 Homemade Playdough Recipes

by Jenna Gleason

Children love playdough and so do we. We've collected 30 homemade playdough recipes that are bound to have your kids jumping up and down with excitement. And the easy thing is, that most of them are made with things you can find around your house.


Traditional Homemade Playdough - Your kids will love this. Don’t forget to take out the cookie cutters.

Root-beer Float Playdough - Who doesn’t love root-beer floats? Let your kids set up a playdough float and ice-cream shop.

Glass Sculpture Playdough - Your kids will feel like artists making their own glass sculptures with this fun playdough activity!

Gluten Free Playdough - This is a perfect natural option for playdough, which is also gluten free.

Kool-Aid Playdough - Add this playdough recipe to your summer bucket list!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Playdough - This will be perfect for cooler days filled with fleece blankets and hot chocolate.

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Sand Playdough - Your kids will feel like they are on vacation at the beach, while playing with this sand playdough. Get some rocks and shells to add to the fun!

Peanut Butter Playdough - You can’t get much better than peanut butter. But peanut butter and playdough? This will be a favorite!!! 

Ice Cream Play dough - This is a great sensory playdough that looks and smells just like ice-cream!

Bread & Glue Dough - This is new! It's a must try for this summer’s to do list.

Stretchy Slime Dough - Slime dough is the perfect recipe for a mad scientist in the making. Too much fun!!

Mash Potato Playdough - Do your kids love mashed potatoes? This is an awesome playdough recipe for potato lovers. Plus this playdough is also edible.

Surprise Marble Dough - This playdough is full of color. It will definitely be a surprise for your kids.

Cornstarch & Glue Playdough - Your kids are going to enjoy this goo-ey experience. Totally a fun project!


Cranberry Playdough - We love this. Make sure to add some real cranberries to the playdough for something different. It’s going to smell delicious!

Salt Dough Leaf Art - These are gorgeous. Help your kids make these and then use them to decorate this Fall!

Apple Scented Playdough - This apple scented playdough is delicious smelling and will have your children begging to play with it all the time.

Frozen Playdough - Your children are going to feel like they can turn things to ice with this Frozen inspired playdough recipe. (Check out our other Frozen kid's activities here)

Montessori Play Dough Cookie Fun - Teach everyday things by doing this Montessori playdough activity with your kids. 

Glow in The Dark Play Dough - We love this and can bet your children will too. Remember to turn the lights out so they can see it glow in the dark.

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Herbal Tea Playdough - Herbal tea playdough is amazing. All you need to do is swap the water for herbal tea. Your kids will love it. Try it with different types of tea.

Stretchy Slime Dough - Slime dough is the perfect recipe for a mad scientist in the making. Too much fun!! 

Lemon Essential Oil Pay Dough - Lemon essential oil is known for nourishing the skin. So, be sure to mix some into your children’s playdough to keep their sweet little hands refreshed.

Dish Soap Silly Putty - Are your children fans of silly putty? If so, you should make this for them. It’s the easiest silly putty recipe we've found.

Marshmallow Playdough - Your kids will be begging to make this sticky & sweet playdough. It's yummy! Try making it with Peeps too.

Sturdy & Smooth Playdough - This is a sturdy playdough your children will love.

Brain Dough - Brain dough is perfect and creepy enough for Halloween or a spooky party.

No-Cook Playdough - This playdough is super easy to make. It’ll bring tons of fun to the table for both you and your kids!

Foam Playdough - Playdough never looked like so much fun!! Try this foamy playdough with your kids on a nice summery day outside. It’s bound to be messy!

Your kids are going to love these playdough recipes. They put the old salty playdough recipe to shame. Have you done any of these homemade playdough recipes with your kids?

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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