Creative Child

31 Days of Play in August

by Rebecca Eanes

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10. Try some of these super stellar sensory activities.

11. Paint fences, sidewalks, or sheds with sponges, brushes, and plain water!

12. Use a large piece of cardboard as a sled and slide down a grassy hill! No snow needed!

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13. Make an insect hotel. Babble Dabble Do shows you how.

14. Create art with nature. Use rocks, leaves, flowers, grass, acorns, etc.

15. Play hide and seek. Try it in the dark with flashlights for a fun summer activity with a spin!

16. Gather some blankets and pillows and head outside late at night to catch the Perseid meteor shower.

17. Play Pooh Sticks over a bridge. Here are the rules of the game.

18. Paint with a fly swatter. It makes some really interesting patterns!

19. Make a pool noodle marble run. Little Bins for Little Hands has the instructions.

20. Have a good ole water hose fight!

More fun summer activities on page 3...

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