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Kids Activities: 4 Ways to Start a Nature Collection


3. A good addition to a nature walk will be a field guide.

Look for field guides to trees, birds, wildflowers, or insects, specific to your area. In North America, Peterson, Kaufman and National Audubon Society guides are especially popular among nature lovers. They will help children identify and learn new species, which they might never be able to put a name to otherwise.

4. Take notepads with you when you take nature walks.

Then find a nice sun-warmed rock to sit on and sketch leaves, trees, or insects that you see, and label them if you can. If you have not drawn for a long time, try it anyway! It is not about the quality of your sketches, but about making memories and having fun, like playing a game of Pictionary.

What are your favorite things to do together with children when you go for a walk?

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