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42 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes

April showers may indeed bring May flowers, but they can also bring boredom to the kids staring out the windows longing to be outdoors. The next time your picnic or trip to the park gets rained out and your little one bouncing off the walls, try one of these rainy day activities!

1. Play indoor hopscotch.

Tape off with masking tape on the floor or use a cardboard cut-out like the found here on This is a fun way to expend some of that energy and get kids moving!


2. Create Play-Doh Monsters.

You’ll need several containers of Play-Doh (or you can just make your own), wiggly eyes, and pipe cleaners. You can also use toothpicks, pom poms, gems, rocks, or whatever your child’s creative mind can come up with! Check out these monsters from Kidspot.

3. Set up an indoor scavenger hunt.

Hide several items around the house and write those items on a sheet of paper. Give it to the kids with a crayon or pencil so they can mark off each item when they’ve found it.

4. Movie Day

Pop some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch for one of these great kids’ movies.

5. Slime Time

Make slime for some ooey gooey fun! Here are 50 ways to make it!

6. Measure the rain with your own homemade rain gauge.

Here are instructions from

7. Visit the library.

8. Make paper bag puppets together.

These are so much fun to make, and then you can put on a puppet show! Check out these puppet ideas from Easy Child Crafts.

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