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55 Springtime Bucket List Activities for Families

by Rebecca Eanes

It is spring at last! Whether you’re looking to banish spring break boredom or just searching for fun evening and weekend family activities, this bucket list is sure to give ideas and inspiration!

1.  Have a picnic.

2. Dye Easter eggs.

3. Do a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt.

4. Fly a kite.

5. Go on a family bike ride.

6. Have an outdoor BBQ!

7. Watch a sunrise.

8. Watch a sunset.

9. Make a bird feeder.

10. Play a game of badminton.

11. Built a fort outside.

12. Jump on a trampoline.

13. Create a spring play dough garden.

14. Visit a zoo.

15. Jump rope.

16. Look for shapes in the clouds.

17. Make spring play dough flowers.

18. Make watercolor coffee filter flowers.

19. Plant some seeds.

20. Play in the rain puddles.

21. Make one of these spring sensory bins.

22. Create spring foam window murals.

23. Bake bunny face cupcakes.

24. Paint some flower pots!

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