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7 Ways to Have Soaking Fun with Water (No Pool Required)

by Deborah Song

Summer ignites a magnetic charge between kids and water. The almost scientific exchange might very well transform kids into amphibians if we let them have their way; most kids I know would gladly split their habitat between swimming pool and home. But what if a pool isn’t easily accessible? There’s plenty of splash to be had this summer with a little planning and creativity. Here are our top 7 insanely fun activities for the summer that don’t require a swimming pool in sight.


1. Water balloon baseball. The fun of a water balloon is in the pop. Water balloon baseball is the perfect summertime sport for the athlete looking to combine water and sport on dry land.


2. Water balloon piñata. This would be a great hit at birthday parties and on your child’s typical Tuesday. Plus you can have all the fun without the sugary aftermath of the traditional piñata.


3. Water gun target. There’s something confusing about an existential target tied to a kid begging to be soaked. But the goal of this game is really simple: the more targets the better.


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