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6 Ideas for Healthy Kid's Breakfast

By, Emily Watson

4 More Tips!

A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #3: Yogurt with Granola

My kids LOVE this and it is just too easy to make! Pour some low-fat yogurt into a bowl and sprinkle it was some low-fat, low-sugar granola. Your child will think they're eating dessert, it is so tasty! This is a fabulous option that is so quick and so easy.

**TIP** - If using Non-fat Plain Yogurt add a dash of Vanilla Extract for flavor and to take away the bitterness!

A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #4: Fruit Smoothie

This is a great breakfast if your kids need to take it to go. Simply throw some frozen or fresh fruits (like blueberries, peaches, strawberries, bananas, or any other fruit you enjoy), some juice (like orange juice), and vanilla yogurt into a blender and blend away. Pour your smoothie into a to-go cup and your child will be fueled with some nutritious nutrients!

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A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #5: French Toast

Dip some whole-grain bread into a little egg, some milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon and cook them in a skillet. Top the french toast with some fresh fruit, some low-fat yogurt, or sugar-free syrup for a great tasting and nutritious breakfast option. Kids really love french toast and will gobble this up!

A Healthy Kids Breakfast Tip #6: Muffins

This is easy! Once a week, I bake my own muffins and stick them in the freezer to give to my kids. On those busy mornings, I just pop one into the microwave and breakfast is done! Add a glass of milk and you have a filling and tasty breakfast. Make sure the muffins are whole wheat, low in sugar, and filled with ingredients that are healthy.

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