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An Open Letter to Parents for Pack to School! 

It’s that time of year kids…its back to school, or as we fondly refer to it, Pack to School. And for parents, it’s always the struggle for good versus evil. And you wouldn’t mind the super hero cape, right? Ah yes thank you; gracias and grazie. Mine? Red and rock star status. No rhinestones. Monogram? Not necessary, but smaller details to follow…

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And the traditions of the first day of school. You must honor them and you best be ready, no second chances, no do overs, no mulligans here. Take the traditional photo in front of the house, on the porch, in the yard, with the sibling, in the uniform, and in a uniform way, but getter done.

It’s a collective experiment that happens at nearly the same time each year; at any age, in any town, in every city and every fabulous country around the globe. We all know one thing; that kids of all ages share in that same anxiety of what lies ahead…It’s all a big mystery. I’m talking Scooby Do style here. What will this year bring? Will I like my teacher? Can I still hang with my go-to gang? Doh! I really DO hate math. (all in the same breath) and yet one question lingers…Scooby snacks? Well not if it has nuts…

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It’s all a big unknown, kind of like life. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Or…you get what you get and you get down to business. I shoot for the latter. You should too. We’re all in this madness together.

So kick off the school year in surefire style with a backpack that will show your little superhero you can leap that building in one single bound, you will activate your twin powers of yes that’s possible and you do have the power to maneuver the underwater of over achiever scholastic madness (thanks Aquaman). Call it convenient and complete in just under 30 minutes TV time, within a budget that will blow their mind and not blow the back to school mission. Consider it mission accomplished.

Nicely done parents from around the globe, nicely played. We thank you for answering the call. Speaking of which…Batman just called and he wants his cape back.

And now you’re ready for next adventure already in progress…

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