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Artsy Fartsy:  Not Your Parents' Drawing Game

We know it’s harder than ever to find ways for your family and friends to connect in today’s “connected” world. To help bring people of all ages together, the families that comprise the small-business game company TwoPointOh Games created Artsy Fartsy: a delightfully entertaining, team-based drawing game that encourages creative thought, individual expression, and cooperative team building.

Playing games should be fun, and Artsy Fartsy hits the mark.  Drawing skills are not required as players draw fun clues that are even funnier for their teams to try to guess. From “bull riding” to “boogers,” there are almost 900 fresh (and unfresh) things to draw. Fun mechanics keep everyone engaged and laughing; STEAL cards allow players to jump in and guess when it’s not their turn, and a guessing free-for-all occurs whenever the team in play fails to get the answer before time runs out. In addition, there are special cards that require the artist to draw with their eyes closed or with their non-dominant hand.

As much as we love the game (it won our 2020 “Game of the Year Award” and the 2021 “Creative Play of the Year Award”), don’t take just our word for it. Artsy Fartsy has won several awards including USA Today’s 10 Best Reader’s Choice Award for Best Gifts for Families. Tillywig Toy and Media Awards says: “This wildly entertaining drawing game serves up heaping helpings of hilarity sprinkled with loads of lighthearted irreverence! Among the many things that make Artsy Fartsy so darn fun is the humorousness of its categories (Worst Pet Ever, This Might Send You to the Doctor, Animals That Leave Big Piles and many others).”

Even Amazon customers love it, giving it high marks in their reviews:

“This game had our 6 and 10 year olds giggling with us all evening long! What a terrific way to spend some family time together, creating really good memories.”

“This game was a lot of fun and we had a great time together. The drawing "clues" are creative and fun and seeing some of our attempts and drawings was even funnier still!”

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