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The Best Child Development Tools and Toys

by Jenna Gleason

When parents think of child development, growth in weight and height often come to mind first. These tools and toys help your child grow and reach all of the other cognitive and developmental milestones.

1. The Moodsters 

?The Moodsters have three products, "Moodster Mirror", "Moodster Meter" and ?the ?"Moodster Feelings Flashlight". Each toy is designed ?to help toddlers and young children express their emotions better Click Here To View Their Website! 


2. Hape Toys

Hape Toys has tons of different wooden developmental toys! The “Pathfinder” helps your child learn measuring, comparing lengths, logic and reasoning. Click Here To Check Out Their Website 

3. Magformers

Magformers is a company strictly based on builder and construction toys. Children learn hand and eye coordination, colors, shapes and geometry through play. The age range for most of their toys is 3 and up. To See More Click Here! 

4. Shoezooz

Shoezooz is an educational shoe sticker for toddlers and up. Stick a right and left sticker in each shoe and teach your children how to put their shoes on the correct feet! Click Here To Check Out Their Website

5. Giant Microbes

Teach kids what germs are, microbe names and what they look like with these plush educational toys. The “4-Pack Germ Minis” includes the common cold, flu, sore throat, and stomach ache microbes. Age 3+. To See More Click Here! 6. The Learning Journey

This company has a wide variety of toys and puzzles to choose from. Children learn with clocks, counting, colors and more! Click Here To Check Out Their Website. 

7. Buckley Boo

Buckley Boo is a great toy used for learning fine motor skills such as buckling, snapping, zipping and more. Visit the Website Here! 


8. P’kolino Multi-Solution Double Sided Puzzles

These playful puzzles stimulate creative thinking. With as many solutions as a child can imagine, entertain children longer than the standard one-and-done puzzle. Click Here for More Puzzles and Toys

9. Pathfinders Design

Pathfinders are geared toward older children, but children of all ages can appreciate building with wooden pieces and some adult supervision. Pathfinder helps children with mechanical engineering techniques and puzzle work. Most pieces are for children ranging Ages 9+. Click Here To Check Out Their Website 

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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