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Kids Activities: Best Things To Do With Your Kids This Weekend

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Days and years fly when you're a full-time employee and a parent. One day you're going to wake up to find that your little boy or girl is all grownup about to head off to college. Make the time you have together count.

It's hard to make quality time during the work week between office meetings and soccer games, so why not make this weekend extra special? There are so many ways to make the weekends memorable; you just need to be a little creative when choosing a fun activity. If you're searching for some great ideas, check out the kid activities below.

Kids Activities on the Weekend

1. Purchase an RC Car or Boat.

This will be a great way to have hours and hours of fun. Most children will love the opportunity to be behind the wheel for once. And you can even buy two and have a race. If you live near a lake or pond, the RC Boat will provide some great water activities! Just be sure to pack a delicious picnic and you'll have a blast all afternoon.

2. Go to a baseball game.

Even if you aren't a huge sports fan, this will be a great time to bond with your child. You can alternate between watching the game, eating hot dogs and people watching. Don't feel bad about getting the cheaper tickets either, your son or daughter will love being seated up high above the field.

3. Take them to the zoo.

This will be both incredibly fun and educational. If you can, arrange a tour around the facility so that you'll both be able to learn some new interesting facts about the animals and the operations at the zoo, like feedings and the baby animals.

Here are 10 Must-See Zoo's in USA!

4. Go fishing together.

This is a classic way to spend time with your son or daughter. If you don't own a boat, you can have just as much fun fishing from the shore. Just be sure to bring plenty of snacks and a radio for background music.

5. Go roller skating or ice-skating.

During more harsh seasons, like wintertime, you can be tempted to spend all of your weekends cooped up indoors, but why not take your kids skating for a fun treat?  Head over to a local rink, grab some snacks and have an all around great time.

Don't let your weekends fly by without spending some quality time with your children! You'll be laying the foundations for a strong healthy parent-child relationship well into the future!

Want other exciting kids activities to do together?

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