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5 Reasons To Do Crafts With Kids

By Faige Kobre

The idea that crafts are beneficial for children is not new. Crafts help kids gain useful "direction following and practice" habits and develop fine motor skills. These are just a few reasons educators have praised and promoted the educational benefits for generations. 

However, when kids are doing activities that are considered boring or "busy work", like copycat art projects and coloring printed pages, the fun and creativity is lost.

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Parents can search Google and Pinterest for "Kids Activities", "Kids Crafts", and "Art Projects for Kids" to find millions of photos and tutorials on hundreds of topics! But note: all kids crafts are not created equal.

Parents will need to determine for their children if a certain project is age appropriate, safe and most of all, that it will be enjoyable! Time spent and monies exchanged for the supplies and materials are also a huge factor.

Of course, there is always the dilemma of what to do with said craft after it is completed. Display it? Toss it? Put it in the designated arts and crafts bin to be lost forever? 

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So why give children arts and crafts then? Here are 5 reasons why kids' art projects are worth the while!

1. Crafts provide an outlet for creativity.

5 Minutes for Mom has a great article on ensuring your kids are being creative and benefiting from their art projects!

2. Children are entertained and learn to focus for long periods of time on an activity.

Crafts should not just be "busy work" or a quiet time activity. Here are over 1,000 crafts for kids all in one place!

3. Children remember the things they learned by creating a piece of art or craft that reinforces the concept.

This website is all about educational art! Can you think back to a school or summer camp art project that also doubled as an educational tool? If not, be sure to incorporate arts and crafts for your kids that do!

4. Holidays and cultural celebrations are enhanced.

Culturally themed craft projects can be a lot more than just drawing a pumpkin for Halloween, or a heart for Valentine's Day. When done right, crafts can teach children about the history and culture of a holiday. Check out these great examples for kids to create!

5. Kids can display their art and build self-esteem.

Tackling a new task is a great source of gratification for children and adults, alike. When a child feels proud of something they have created, they will feel proud of themselves, as well. Try to incorporate art, education and tie the craft in with a lesson from a book or movie.

Remember, working on art projects together is a great way to bond. But don't just do crafts to keep kids busy! Your kids will be more likely to keep crafting with you when there is purpose and intention along with the cute finished project at the end!

Happy Crafting!

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