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Crayon Rocks Limited Edition 2018 Holiday Gift Bags

Crayon Rocks is proud to offer our Limited Edition 2018 Holiday Gift bags

We are offering a two-pack of red gingham 8 color bags with gift tag and tissue at $9.99.  (colors are:  Black, Brown, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Red and Egg Yolk Yellow)

Also, we are offering a blue gingham bag with a special selection of 16 holiday colors with gift tag and tissue for $9.99  (colors are:  Black, Orange, Purple, Lime Green, Blue, Egg Yolk Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, Rose Red, Turquoise, White, Periwinkle, Coffee, Pumpkin Spice, Hazel, Cranberry and Spruce)

Crayon Rocks is a small company located in Kentucky.  Our company started in 2006.  

The idea behind our particular type and shape of crayon came from years of experience with handwriting in the educational system.  There was a need for a tool to teach children the correct tripod grip and to train young people and their developing muscle memory in a skill that will boost their handwriting ability for the rest of their lives.

Due to the shape and size of our crayons, the only easy way to pick up, draw, write and color with them is by using the correct tripod grip.  

It is important for us to do well for our community, our customers and the world as a whole.  We use USA grown soy wax and other natural waxes.  Our products are compostable and biodegradable, green and eco-friendly.  Our employees are all local folks who mix the ingredients, make the crayons, package and ship our products worldwide… all from our tiny facility in Kentucky.  

Crayon Rocks is simply the best coloring tool for young children and we are proud to have a product that will actually help children build a skill for success while they are having fun.
Draw.Write.Smile   Create.Train.Sustain
(270) 255-0048

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