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Create a Portable Sensory and Emotional Toolkit for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes


  1. Small pad of paper and a pencil – My boys love to draw and doodle, and often this simple activity would help them through a tough moment or keep them occupied in a grocery cart.
  2. Soundproof headphones – For some sensory kids, noise is a big trigger. These soundproof headphones can quieten his world and help avoid a sensory meltdown.
  3. Sunglasses – Bright light can also be a trigger, so carry some shades if this is an issue for your kid.
  4. Scratch and Sniff Stickers – Engage your child’s sense of smell and provide an activity to keep her entertained or help her calm down.
  5. Sensory Wristbands or Soft Fabric – Have you seen the Mermaid Wristbands? They have become a very popular item in 2017 as they are calming and somewhat mesmerizing. However, a small piece of soft and comforting fabric such as velour will also provide a calming sensory experience.
  6. The Feelings Book – A board book that teaches emotions (or any that your child enjoys) is a helpful addition to your emotional toolkit.
  7. Peacemaker Cards - PeaceMakers help children and adults connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in daily, playful ways.


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I carried my toolkit in a small sandwich bag in my purse and we used it many times when my children were younger. Snap a photo of your portable sensory and emotional toolkit and tag me on Instagram @rebeccaeanes.


Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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