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Creative Family Fun Nights to Build Connection

by Rebecca Eanes

When was the last time you played? How long has it been since you felt a joyful connection with your child? Life moves fast, and before you know it, your relationship with your kids can become controlled by mundane routines, shuttling to and fro, homework headaches, and seemingly endless extracurricular activities. Often it seems there just isn’t enough time or energy left for fun or quality one on one time, and unfortunately that means our relationships can begin to suffer. Laughter and play build family connection, and connection is the key to parenting.


When I say “connection,” I mean a deep emotional attachment, and it’s critically important for well-being and proper development. Think of connection like a rope between you and your child. Each positive interaction adds a new thread that strengthens the rope. Every time you play together, laugh with one another, say something positive or affirming, listen and empathize, you’re strengthening that connection. Likewise, negative interactions strip away from the rope and eventually cause it to fray or even break. Over time, the stresses of everyday busyness can wear on the connection if we don’t intentionally care for the relationship.


Children who feel a lack of connection with their parents may start to act out, make poor decisions, have declining grades at school, show defiance, or withdraw. All of these are red flags that your relationship needs some TLC.  On a positive note, connection can quickly turn those problems around and give you direct access to your child’s heart. By adding a family fun night to your weekly calendar, you can strengthen your family while building a fun family culture that brings joy to all.

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