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Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids During a Pandemic

by Rebecca Eanes

Love is in the air. Unfortunately, so is COVID-19. We’re still rolling with the punches and learning to live and love creatively in this new world of ours, and so I’ve gathered up some creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You’ll find cute crafts, fun games, and great activities to make this holiday a special one for your child. 

Virtual Valentines

Because so many kids are still remote learning, class may be cancelled, and with it, the party. That means no sweet treats or handwritten cards, but there are still fun ways for your child to send love to their friends virtually. One fun idea is to have your child draw a Valentine’s card for his or her friends, take a picture of it, and forward it to all the group chats they’re in. They could also share funny Valentine’s Day memes with their friends or send out ecards. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s how to Zoom, so you might consider a Zoom party complete with party games like these. You can even design your own custom Valentine Zoom background.

Get Crafting

While everyone is spending lots of time at home, it’s the perfect time to create cute and awesome crafts with your kiddos. Everyone is obsessed with Baby Yoda, so check out this super cute Valentine. If you have cardstock, print out this template of an adorable headband for your child to decorate and wear. I adore these origami heart bookmarks and they would make great gifts to put in the mail! For toddlers, handprint hearts are always fun and photo wreaths are simple and cute! Being creative with your child is a wonderful way to relieve anxiety and connect with them, so have fun crafting! Piabet

Parent/Child Date Night

When is the last time you took one child out for some quality time? With the usual crazy schedules of a family, it’s tough, but since COVID has slowed things down, maybe you can fit it in this Valentine’s Day. Treat your son or daughter to a fancy dinner date and a movie. Try skating or a cooking class. Make pottery or go horseback riding. Visit a museum or go on a hike. Don’t discuss school work or those undone chores. Just enjoy one another’s company and laugh a lot!

Game Night

Have a blast with a Valentine themed game night with your family and friends. Happiness is Homemade has put together a list of 30 games like “pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine.” If you’re looking for more physically active games, try Cupid Says (like Simon Says), Minute to Win It games such as stacking conversation hearts, or wrap one another in red streamers like a mummy and see who is the fastest! 

Valentine’s Day Science Experiments

When you think of Valentine’s Day, science experiments are probably the last things to come to mind, but this is where the creativity comes in! Little Bins for Little Hands has a great list of science experiments with a Valentine theme. Grow crystal hearts overnight, make “valen-slime,” or make a heart lava lamp! Red Ted Art has compiled even more great science activities, including making a love potion! Check those out here. These are the perfect compliment to your child’s homeschooling and a creative way to celebrate the holiday.

Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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