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Creativity Building Activities for Kids

Creativity is an important component in human development. Creative people have greater mental well-being and happiness. A study out of New Zealand says that, “engaging in creative activities contributes to an ‘upward spiral’ of positive emotions, psychological well-being, and feelings of ‘flourishing’ in life.” Spending time on creative pursuits also helps us develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-awareness, and allows us to express ourselves. 

Fortunately, creativity is something that we can help our children develop beginning even in infancy. In the first year of life, creativity can blossom as you provide lots of love and attention, talking to, playing with, and singing to your infant. Find ways for your baby to use her senses to explore her environment. Provide foot-operated toys as the control of kicking is one of the first gross motor skills to develop, and play lots of face-to-face games like peek-a-boo and mirroring expressions. 

As your child moves into toddlerhood and beyond, there are countless ways to grow their creative skills. Below is a list of 15 creativity building activities for children of all ages.

  • Drawing prompts are a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Try drawing a few lines on a sheet of blank paper and then asking your child to complete the picture. Will that curve become a butterfly wing or the wheel of a car? 
  • Provide the materials for rock monsters. You’ll need various rocks and paint. You can throw in googly eyes and “hair” material if you’d like to as well. Add magnets to the back and decorate your fridge!
  • Make a robot out of materials lying around your home. My son had the most fun with this project! Using random materials from his craft box such as wooden dowels, wires, cardboard, felt, springs, and spray paint, he created an amazing little robot. Your child can fashion one out of just about anything!
  • Who doesn’t love macaroni art? If you’re in a pinch for materials, just glue and noodles are all you need to spark a little creativity. Your child can simply glue the pasta to a paper plate or sheet of paper or create unique macaroni necklaces and bracelets! For added pizzazz, you can even let him paint the pieces. 
  • Don’t underestimate the quality of a coloring book and a pack of crayons! This simple activity improves motor skills, stimulates creativity, teaches color recognition, improves focus and hand to eye coordination, and improves handwriting! Tip: Don’t criticize your child’s art. The sky can be green and the grass purple if she wants it to!
  • Sock puppets are super fun to create and to play with, plus now there’s a purpose for those lonely odd socks! Here are instructions for making a sock puppet in 10 minutes.
  • If your child has an instrument, set aside time each day for practice. If you don’t currently own an instrument, try creating a homemade musical instrument that actually plays music! Here are 19 from Red Tricycle. Of course, you can just get out the pots and wooden spoons as well!
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