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Date Night on a Tight Budget

by Sarah Lyons

When you are a parent, having a date night with your spouse can seem difficult to pull off. Add in a tight budget and it can seem impossible. However, when you are a busy parent, date nights are more important than ever to keep your marriage healthy and to keep both of you feeling refreshed. With a little creativity and extra planning, you can still enjoy a night out with your significant other, even on a small budget.

Swap sitting

While some parents have the benefit of close family and friends to watch their children when they go for a night out, many must pay a sitter to take care of their children. This cost can add up, especially if you have a larger family. Try asking a friend to swap babysitting duties with you. You watch her kids one night while they have a date night, then she can watch yours while you have a night out. It’s free and it is well worth both couples’ time.


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Change the time

Date night does not have to happen on Saturday night. To save money, try going to a matinee movie when prices are more affordable. The lunch menu is also significantly cheaper at most restaurants, making an afternoon date more appealing. You could also try catching a movie or dinner on a weeknight. You not only save some cash but you will also avoid the crowd.

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