Creative Child

Empower and Inspire Creative Thinking in Young Children!

Infinite Robots introduces visual design problem solving principles to empower and inspire creative thinking in young children.

Important Details:

The Infinite Robot Kit was developed to introduce design thinking through the making of paper robots. We hope that each paper robot designer will have fun building their own unique creations while learning about the design process. A process which encourages both creative and analytical thinking. This activity helps the designer develop a keen eye for exploring novel possibilities.

  • A PDF paper craft kit Standard 8.5x11 print format Digital download file
  • Introduces some fundamental design principles

  • Includes many robot examples to inspire budding designers

  • Over 100 easy to cut geometric robot components to build from

  • For Ages 8 and up

Play Odyssey Inc. is a family owned business of designers, educators, and software developers. We are passionate about learning through creative play. With a little help and inspiration, we believe that all children can develop great problem-solving abilities through the creative process.


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