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Encouraging Kids to Enjoy Nature

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Treasure Hunt

Allow kids to take their time as you are on a nature walk. Do you see any flowers, insects, or birds you have not noticed before? For an outdoor activity for kids, collect treasures as you walk the trails (if the park allows).

Have the children pick up interesting sticks, rocks, leaves, or anything of interest. If it’s a park near your house, you can also lay out treasures ahead of time for a scavenger hunt after dark with a flashlight.


Camping is a great outdoor activity for kids and a wonderful way to spend time as a family. A family campout, whether at a local park or in your backyard, encourages family bonding time and helps kids “unplug” from their electronics and enjoy the fresh air.

Be a Role Model

One of the most important things to remember when you are trying to teach your kids is to model it yourself. Get involved, show the kids by example that nature is fun to explore and has great health benefits. If kids grow up spending time outside, they are sure to develop a desire to spend more time outdoors as they grow.

There’s nothing wrong with a Netflix marathon or video game time, but it’s important to have a balance. Teach your children to enjoy nature by engaging in a few of these outdoor activities for kids. With all of the mental and physical health benefits, nature has to offer, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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