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30 Days of Play in September

by Rebecca Eanes

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11. Make a holiday countdown paper chain all the way to Christmas. Include a big orange loop with a pumpkin face for Halloween, a brown loop with turkey feathers for Thanksgiving, and a red loop decorated for Christmas.

12. Pretend play train station.

13. Make a fall sensory tub for your little one to explore. Little Bins for Little Hands has plenty of ideas.

14. Make this quick and easy homemade moon sand from Nifty Mom. This is great to use as a dig site for all those construction toys.

15. Visit your local zoo or aquarium.

16. Give the kids some hands-on cooking experience and play time all wrapped in one. Pretend your home is a fancy restaurant and the children are the cooks and servers. Check out our kids' kitchen page for our favorite recipes!

17. Play hopscotch or one of these other classic sidewalk games.

18. Pretend play detectives and make clues for the kids to follow.

19. Act out a favorite book, like We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

20. Gather in a circle and tell your kids epic adventure stories. There should definitely be popcorn involved.

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