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Family Pastimes Co-operative Games

Let’s face it. As parents we’re always challenged with scheduling real “family time” with our kids. We’re so busy taking them to soccer practice, dance classes, music lessons and gymnastics that their mobile devices sometimes take the place of that quality time we really wish we had with them.

It’s time for an intervention!

That’s right we’re bringing back “Family Game Night!” And we have the perfect games for the whole family to play. So put those mobile devices on mute or even turn them off. Then, check out Family Pastimes. Your family will love playing together.

Family Pastimes games are inventions of Jim Deacove, who started making co-operative games for his own family, and was then encouraged by friends to make more. The object of the games are to play together, against the game, not each other.

Children learn to lay as friends, not as enemies! The games foster the spirit of co-operation.

Players help each other climb a mountain, make a community, bring in the harvest, complete a space exploration, feed the animals and they are never against each other.

Great for non-competitive playtime at home and at parties, these games are perfect in the classroom, clubs and daycare centers.

Studies show that cooperative games reduce aggressive behavior in children and require less intervention from care-givers; a win-win situation.

Family Pastimes Games
All of Family Pastimes Games are eco-friendly too, using 100% recycled pasteboard and recycled paper for most games! If your favorite stores don’t have these games, ask them to contact Family Pastimes, or you can order directly. Click here to check out the new eStore for over 100 cooperative board games.


Family Pastimes Games

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