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5 New Year's Resolutions for a Happier Family

by Rebecca Eanes

A fresh new year is upon us. Let us resolve to make this year one of connection and love with these 5 resolutions.

1. Make your marriage a priority.

Research shows that happy marriages make happier kids. Rekindle the romance by flirting, being playful, going on dates, or just spending time alone once the kids are in bed. It's easy to let the hectic parenting life draw us away from our partners, so we have to be intentional to maintain this important relationship.

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2. Commit to yelling less.

Again, the research is piling up on the harmful effects yelling can have on our families – especially our kids. There is a space between stimulus and response – between your child's action and your reaction – that, when mindfully harnessed, provides the space for you to calm down and respond rather than react. Practice expanding that space a little every day. 

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