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Blue Marble has been manufacturing and marketing STEM toys and science activities for National Geographic for years now, boasting one of the biggest catalogs of STEM products for kids in the world. The newest series of National Geographic-licensed STEM kits to be produced by Blue Marble expands our reach to plant science and cultural crafts!

The National Geographic Flower Garden Kit and Herb Garden Kit provide kids with three metal pots to paint and decorate before placing the included peat soil and seeds in so your child can watch their own beautiful flowers or tasty herbs grow in real time! The Flower Garden kit includes seeds to grow Zinnia, Cosmos, and Nasturtium flowers for a stunning display of colors, and the Herb Garden kit includes seeds for Basil, Oregano, and Chives to step up your meals and exposure children to the various flavors they might encounter in natural foods!

In addition to the three pots and three bags of seeds included in each kit, children will also enjoy six vibrant colors of paint to decorate and personalize the pots, an ergonomic mini-trowel, stickers, and two paint brushes to ensure everything you need is included (except water and sunshine!).

The included learning guide balances teaching kids new concepts about photosynthesis and growth with a fun, easy-to-absorb approach to ensure the learning fun never stops being FUN!

Whether you’re looking to give your kids an engaging and wholesome activity for a couple of hours or looking to get them into gardening, the National Geographic Flower Garden Kit and Herb Garden Kit are already proving to be future classics for the newest generation of future science kids!

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