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Kids Kitchen: Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes

By, Joanna Gordon

Try our kid's kitchen Halloween spider-y cupcakes. So sweet and yet so scary!

We love cupcakes and here's a fun idea to add a touch of "spooky" to baked and cooled cupcakes (or plain not frosted store-bought). Here we used melting chocolate to create a chocolate shell that will be firm to the touch and can be easily transported. However, you can also make a chocolate ganache by adding a little heavy whipping cream to chocolate chips (recipe here), which won't harden.

halloween cookies kids kitchen treats


- Prepared Cupcakes
- Candy Melting-Wafers in both white and dark chocolate (we used Ghirardelli Melting Wafers in Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate)
- Plastic Bag
- Skewers or Toothpicks



1. Carefully melt the candy wafers per the instructions on bag. Transfer the white melted chocolate into plastic bag for piping and put the dark chocolate in a shallow bowl for easy dipping access. I would work in smaller batches to ensure chocolate stays melted.

halloween cookies kids kitchen treats

2. Working in batches of 3-4 cupcakes, dip the tops into the dark melted chocolate.

3. Take your bag of white chocolate and cut a small corner off to make a piping bag.

4. Start your white chocolate swirl from the center and swirl out in a circular pattern.

5. With your skewer or toothpick draw a line outward from the center and continue all around to make the spider web.

Voila, your spider webs are ready! Enjoy!

halloween cookies kids kitchen treats

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