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10 Tips to Be the Positive Leader Your Child Needs

by Rebecca Eanes

Our children naturally look to us for leadership. As a proponent for positive parenting, I have been asked how we can hold authority without ruling with an iron fist. How can we be the gentle, positive, effective leaders our children need?


Here are 10 Tips:

1. Set clear boundaries. Helping children to understand and stay within the boundaries we set makes them feel safe and secure - like the yellow lines on the road. Without those yellow lines, driving would be scary. Without boundaries, life is scary. Boundaries are necessary; it's the way we enforce those boundaries that determine whether we are being positive leaders. Make sure the boundaries are fair and age-appropriate, and hold them lovingly, providing empathy and understanding when children get upset about the rules. Be consistent and kind.

2. Be intentional. Effective leaders know what they want to accomplish, and they keep their eyes on the goal. Make a detailed plan of action, and renew your mind to your goal constantly.

3. Learn how to communicate well. Using positive communication skills elicits cooperation while negative communication invites rebellion. Learn positive communication and teach it to everyone in the home.


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