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How to Enjoy the School Break on a Budget!

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW

With winter break around the corner, you’re not alone if you’ve already found yourself lost in thought over how you’ll be attempting to entertain your children. Sure, the holidays are entertaining enough, but once the tinsel is cleaned up and the presents are unwrapped, filling these two weeks can feel pretty daunting, especially if you don’t have plans to leave town or a huge budget, for that matter.

As a single mom of one very active toddler daughter, I have had winter break on my mind since school started, and that is no exaggeration. With many of our friends heading out of town and a budget that simply won’t allow us to tag along, I’ve had to get creative. I’m hoping these tips on how to spend your winter break with your children will be as helpful for you as they will be for me.


Tips to enjoy Winter break on a budget with your children:

1. Find a local play

This time of year, performances are a plenty at local playhouses, town halls, and community theatres. With winter and holiday-themed shows, I guarantee there will be endless options to entertain your little ones and inspire the seasonal cheer while curing the boredom blues. The bonus? Tickets tend to be really affordable!

2. Have a Pinterest party

Every mom’s best friend, when it comes to getting creative for your children, is Pinterest – whether we like it or not. Invite your child’s classmates or neighborhood friends over to have a craft party, complete with creative snacks. I’m not saying your creations have to look like the one’s in the photo, but hey, at least you can give yourself an A for effort and your investment will be minimal!

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