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Indoor Summer Activities

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW


Sensory Play

I am the odd mom out here, but I literally have no problem with my daughter making messes. Call me crazy, but watching her create a disaster of her own, then watching her excitement as she relishes in it, is stinking’ adorable. Or maybe because as a former preschool teacher, I know that messy play is important for young children, as it allows them endless ways to develop and learn. Well, that is, until something stains my beige tufted couch. All stains aside, allowing children to make a mess can be categorized under sensory play, and it actually doesn’t have to be so messy.

There are two sensory activities I love that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for hours, while only feeling like they’re making a mess.

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Call it play-doh, call it slime, call it gross, but nothing feels better squished between your child’s fingers than a homemade concoction of food coloring, corn starch, and water. They’ll not only spend time making it, they’ll then spend hours molding it, stretching it, giving it names and making it come to life. Perfection. Here is my favorite homemade recipe for goop!

Shower paint.

That’s right, when your kid is just about covered head to toe in their goop, you can turn on the shower and hand them a few cups of paint. Shower paint is a gift from the toddler gods, and will keep your child fixated on all surfaces within the four walls of your bath or shower until the rain passes and the sun comes out again. It’s awesome, trust me. Get in on the magic, here!

Happy indoor days to you, mamas!

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