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Jenny and the Cookie Monster

A Children's Bedtime Story

We invite you to read this children's bedtime story out loud to your kids or have them read it to you! However you do it, share the love of reading with a children's bedtime story tonight!

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Jenny and the Cookie Monster

“Goodnight, Jenny,” Mommy said. “Sleep tight.”

“Goodnight, Mommy.”

Her mommy closed the book, turned off the light and left the room.

Jenny waited a little in the dark. Then she was sure she heard something under her bed.

“Mom!” she yelled.

Her mother came hurrying back into the room and turned on the light.

“What is the matter, Jenny?”

“I heard a monster under my bed,” she said.

“Jenny, you know there are no monsters in your room.”

“I heard him, Mom. He’s big and ugly and he’s going to get me!”

Her mother looked under the bed.

“I don’t see anything under there.”

“Maybe, he’s in the closet, Mom.”

She looked in there too. But there was no monster.

“Jenny, how many times must I tell you that there are no monsters in your room?” her mother said.

But Jenny held onto her mother, pleading with her to stay until she fell asleep.

Her mother wondered what she could do to help Jenny conquer her fear of the monster in the dark.

The next day, Jenny’s mother said, “Let’s make some cookies.”

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Jenny loved cookies, especially chocolate chip ones. She watched as her mother mixed the ingredients in the bowl.

“Today we’re going to make one big cookie monster,” her mother said.

“A cookie monster?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, just like the one that is in your room.”

“But I never saw him, Mom. I only hear him.”

“That’s alright. You just tell me what you think he looks like and we will make him,” her mom said.

“Alright,” said Jenny. “He has a big, fat, purple face.”

Her mother made a big fat purple face.

“He has plenty of long green hair sticking out of his head.”

Her mom made that too and got Jenny to help her.


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