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by Winita Frederick

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Props in a Box

If your kid has ever painted the sky green and drawn a picture of fish flying through the sky, then you know that every day is full of surreal wonder in a child’s mind. Make a movie where fishermen and astronauts find water on Mars or a short film about a pirate who steals a prized dinosaur egg, but gives it back when he sees how sad the dinosaur’s mommy is.

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There are currently four Props in a Box sets available—The Dinosaur & The Pirate, The Doctor & The Farmer, The Fisherman & The Astronaut, and The Princess & The Chef.

Each set comes with a whimsical backdrop, an assortment of props, and costume pieces to help set the scene for your child’s one of a kind story. 

Film it on your phone and then download the Props in a Box Movie Maker App ™ to add special effects to your movie!

Shop Props in a Box here!

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