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Kid-Made Christmas – 10 Ornaments and Decorations

by Rebecca Eanes

I have very few ornaments on my Christmas tree that came from a store. Most of them were made by my kids, and while my tree may not be displayed on the front of a magazine for its beauty, it’s filled with special memories that I will always cherish.


Kids love to create, and Christmas is a wonderful time to get them involved in crafts because there are so many to choose from all over the internet! I’ve gathered together 10 ornaments and decorations you and your kids can make together over the next couple of weeks to add a touch of love and cheer to your home.

1. Salt dough ornaments are a yearly tradition for us. They hold up amazingly well for years, and they are fun and easy to make. You can find the directions in this post.

2. Wish list keepsake ornaments are always fun to look back on year after year. My kids love looking through their old keepsake ornaments every year when we decorate the tree. Simply write your child’s wished-for toys and items on paper and stuff into a clear plastic ornament from the craft store. Fill with a bit of Epsom salt for a snow effect for multicolored pom poms for a fun look and hang.

3. These handprint snowman ornaments found at Little Bit Funky are perfect for small baby and toddler hands to make. You’ll just some bulbs, white acrylic paint, and a sweet little hand. 

4. This sparkly silver snowflake ornament by School Time Adventures is great for craft time and good fine motor skills practice. With a few pipe cleaners, fishing line, and beads, you can transform your tree into a sparkling winter wonderland!

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