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Kids Activities: 15 “Eggciting” Ideas for Easter

by Rebecca Eanes

Science and Easter Eggs

2. Egg paint bombs. Fill your egg shells with different colors of washable tempera paint and head outside for creative art! Have your child throw them against a large poster board or even on your sidewalk. I suppose the really brave could even have an egg bomb fight!

3. Egg volcano eruptions. Put in a few drops of food coloring and fill your eggs ¼ full with baking soda. Use a turkey baster to drop vinegar into the eggs and watch the reaction! We used this in conjunction with small dinosaur world play, and my boys enjoyed it.

4. Paint or draw on the eggs. Allow your child to create whatever her imagination can dream up using markers or paint. It may be a village of little egg people, which would be fun for imaginative play, or a beautiful artistic collection.

 Kids Activities Easter Ideas

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