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Kids Activities: 8 Bathtime Fun Ideas

by Rebecca Eanes

We love to make bath time a special and fun activity. We've tried a lot of different ideas over the years. Here are a few of my kid's favorites! Kids Activities Bath Time

  1. Empty containers and plastic ice cubes. Combine science and bath-time fun all in one. Talk about how each item floats or sinks and practice pouring skills.
  2. Colored water is always a joy! Try a red bath on Valentine's Day and a green bath on St. Patrick's day. Just a few drops of food coloring won't stain the tub or the kids.
  3. Write on craft sticks and stuff those inside water balloons. When your child pops the balloon (always fun!) she gets a sweet message from you!
  4. Put water balloons in the tub. We've experimented with putting all sorts of things in the balloons so it's always a surprise. Try food coloring for a burst of color when you pop the balloon, small toys, and even marshmallows. 

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