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Summer Activities: A Day at the Beach

Beach Rules and Making Memories

3. Beach Rules - Safety is always first! Talk to the kids and other adults who will be joining you at the beach about your family's safety rules and things to watch out for (like jellyfish)! Here are some suggestions adapted from the National Water Safety Council.

  • Wear a life vest (or floaties) in the water and always check the lifeguard stand for wave alerts!
  • Water Shoes protect from sharp rocks, glass and sea urchins!
  • Never Swim Alone!
  • Stay hydrated and drink water and sport drinks.

Beach Safety


4. Make Memories - The beach offers so many opportunities for photos, silly moments, beautiful scenes and discoveries. Capture those memories and take home some souvenirs from your beach trip. 

The kids will love collecting items they find on the beach like shells, sea glass and smooth rocks. Create a scavenger hunt or play i-Spy games for a fun day of discovery and learning. When you get home, you can do more kids activities with your beach booty you gathered. We love this list from Craftionary - 22 Beach Activities for Kids.

Take as many photos as you can! If you have a water proof phone case, a Go-Pro camera or a disposable underwater camera, take lots of pictures in the ocean! Try these 27 Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures and display them in your kid's bedroom for long lasting memories.

Take the time to exercise or play sports on the beach too. Beach yoga, volleyball, swim races, jogging and long walks are all fun choices. Not only will it be great to throw in some physical activity, it will also TIRE THE KIDS OUT!

 Kids at the Beach

No matter the weather or season, the beach is the best place to be! Enjoy your time at one of the world's greatest wonders and create wonderful memories with your family!  

Need more beach inspiration? Check out these Tips for an Awesome Beach Day and try this How to Dye Seashells Science Experiment afterwards! And be sure to check out these other Vacation Destinations.

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