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Kids Kitchen: Flower Fruit Skewers

by Deborah Song

Kids are more prone to eat visually appealing foods. That’s because taste as a sense is also made up of touch, smell, and sight. Constructing foods to mimic shapes and images kids are familiar with, like a simple flower, will draw their attention – and taste buds – to an otherwise mundane snack. An artful display of this fruit flower skewer will naturally tempt kids to eat their daily fruit servings. No buzzing reminders needed. Plus it’s a fun craft. Try constructing it with your child for an afternoon snack and craft all in one.

You’ll Need:

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- 1 Watermelon

- 1 Cantaloupe

- A Handful of Green Grapes

- Skewers

- Scissors

- 1 Dry Floral Foam

- Flower Cookie Cutter (3 inch shown)

- Small Circle Cookie Cutter (1 inch shown)

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Step 1: Slice watermelon and cantaloupes.

Adult task: After washing all fruit, cut watermelon and cantaloupes into ¾ inch thick round slices. Set aside grapes.

Tip: avoid choosing overly ripe fruit.

Step 2: Cut Out Watermelon Flowers.

Kid Task: Using a metal flower cookie cutter, press into the watermelon. Next, place either a ¾ or 1 inch round cookie cutter in center of flower and cut out the center. Now you have your watermelon fruit cut out.

Step 3: Cut Out Cantaloupe Centers.

Kid Task: Using the same round cookie cutter, cut out cantaloupe circles. Insert cantaloupe circles into the center of watermelon flowers. Feel free to interchange fruits for a cantaloupe flower with a watermelon center, or use different fruits altogether like a pineapple or honeydew melon. Just avoid high fibrous fruit, which don’t hold their shape well.

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