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Kindergartner Sings and Signs Holiday Songs for Her Deaf Parents

And it’s so sweet
by Winita Frederick

Whether you’re already sick of Christmas music or you plan to jingle all the way to 25th of December, this video of a KODA (kid of deaf adults) singing and signing her heart out at her school’s holiday music recital will fill you to the brim with holiday cheer.

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Five-year-old Claire Koch’s impromptu sign language performance went viral in 2013 when her mother, Lori, posted the video on social media. She expected her friends to like it. What she did not anticipate was the overwhelming response from strangers around the web, whose hearts were warmed by Claire’s choice to sign along with the holiday jingles. Sign language has always been a part of Claire’s life, her parents told USA today. Since both of Claire’s parents are deaf, it’s only natural that Claire would want to perform in holiday pageant in a way that made her parents feel included.

If the kindergartner’s thoughtful song interpretations weren’t enough, she has the biggest, most enthusiastic facial expressions on this side of the North Pole. Watch the video below to see the sweetness for yourself.

Winita is a staff writer at Scooterbay Publishing Inc. She has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and worked as a library assistant and elementary school tutor throughout college. When she's not writing, she enjoys outdoor exercise, reading at the library, and spending time with family and friends.

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