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Level Up Learning with Planeteers!

Planeteers is a game-based educational platform for teaching STEAM and 21C skills for learners 7-13 years old. Designed and developed, in collaboration with leading educators in Australia, Planeteers improves engagement and supercharges learning by leveraging what kids love doing most: playing games!

Planeteers provides a curriculum mapped all in one solution for Parents to encourage STEAM skills and identities across Science, technology, Engineering, Art & Math, including important 21C skills like design thinking, problem solving, robotics, and coding.

The multi-award winning platform levels up game-based learning by providing an educational experience at home that would normally require multiple products like Minecraft, Scratch, and Lego robotics.

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Educational Benefits at a Glance

Designed by leading educators, Planeteers engages learners through positive play and educational gaming.

Planeteers key educational features include:

  • Fun game-based learning for children learning at home
  • Highly engaging story driven educational questing, mapped to a STEAM Curriculum
  • Teaches open-ended STEAM concepts and activities and 21C skills
  • Supports a mix of quest and free-form project-based learning via its virtual maker space
  • Simulated environments allow learners to explore real-world phenomenon
  • Teaches design, innovation, problem-solving and coding skills
  • Gives children the opportunity to tinker, explore and experiment
  • Develops critical thinking and nurtures curiosity
  • Provides insights on progress & achievements via the connected Parents Dashboard

Download the Planeteers Product Brochure

Planeteers has received many great testimonials and won numerous awards. Most recently, the game won a Gold Award at EduTech Asia 2019 for Best STEAM Solution, edging out Lego Education.


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