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Liquid Rainbow Experiment

by Jenna Gleason

This experiment is cheap and fast! Each layer takes a max of 2 minutes to do. It’s filled with educational fun. Have a blast little Einsteins!


½ Cup Rubbing Alcohol (Dollar Store)

½ Cup Blue Dawn Dish Soap (Dollar Store)

½ Cup Large Mason Jar or Vase (Dollar Store)

½ Cup Corn Syrup (Walmart)

Food Coloring (Walmart)

½ Cup Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil/ Canola Oil (Dollar Store)

½ Cup of Water


(2 Minutes to make each layer)

(Total Time 10 min)

Purple Layer - Mix ½ Cup corn syrup with 1 drop of blue dye and 2 drops of red dye.

Blue Layer - Pour ½ Cup blue dish soap slowly down the side of your jar into the purple layer. Tip: They should separate as long as you pour slowly down the side of the jar. Same goes for each layer.

Green Layer - Mix together 2-3 drops of green dye with ½ Cup of water and pour slowly (on the side of the jar) on top of the blue layer.

Yellow Layer - Pour the ½ Cup of olive oil down the side of the jar for the yellow layer.

Red Layer - Mix ½ Cup of rubbing alcohol with 1-3 drops of red dye. Pour this slowly on the side of the jar.

Then you’re done! You should get a rainbow layered vase of different density liquids!

What’s the science behind it?

With each layer you are using a different liquid. Each liquid has a different density (weighing a different amount). So when layered the right way, they will stay separated for days! But if the order isn't added the same way as directed, the experiment won't work. The heavier density liquids are the ones at the bottom and so on.

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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