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Magnetykes – An Award Winning STEM Magnet Toy

Magnetykes are a new educational toy that will draw children into the world of magnetism. These durable plastic magnetic figures come with their own magnetic vehicle and realistic magnetic wrench, allowing kids to explore how magnetic poles react while enjoying hours of fun.

Tech-enhanced, electronic toys are all-the-rage, but sometimes going back to the basics can offer the most magical, awe-inspiring fun. It’s time to step away from the batteries and plugs and power up with magnetic experimentation. Magnetykes offers an exciting way to play with the principles of magnetism, using attractive and repulsive forces to move and catch the figures and their accessories.

Use the included wrench to propel the Magnetykes vehicle away or grab the figure from a pile of toys with the help of magnetic attraction. There are currently three styles of Magnetyke figures available, Lodestone, Cobalt, and Magnesia, which come in various colors and their own unique vehicle. The sets also come with a full-color comic book and shiny metal display sheet for wall mounting, a fun way to display and store the toys while not in use.

Magnetykes are STEM Authenticated and Award Winning.

  • Mom’s Choice Award
  • Family Choice Award
  • Dr. Toy Award
  • Tillywig Award
  • Creative Child Award


We truly appreciate your support and can’t wait for you to play with our amazing magnetic toy.



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