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Mommy I'm Here is a company with a vision, to protect children and give parents peace of mind that they can always find their children while out and about.


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Mommy I'm Here Child LocatorHave you ever turned around in a crowded place and your child is not there? Over 800,000 times per year a child is lost while out with a parent or caregiver in the U.S., which sadly leads to over 50,000 real abductions. By using these child location products, parents can be alerted when their children are separated from them, and can be quickly reunited with their child. Alerts are loud, with a 90 decibel alarm, and can be heard in large crowds. As an added bonus, other parents and adults will be able to assist with locating your child and the loud alarm can hep children to stop and look for their parents.

Designed for toddlers, who are notorious for wandering at the ages from when they start walking to about 6 years old, these child locators are also perfect for children and adults with special needs.  Mommy I'm Here locators have been featured on CSI Miami as well as Good Morning America and the Today Show.

Mommy I'm here has several products to help track and locate your child if they should happen to wander off. All locators in the line are affordable, stylish, easy to use, effective and are of the highest quality.

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