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25 Must See Kids Lunch Ideas For Bento Boxes

by Jenna Gleason

Bento Boxes are a fun and popular way to serve up fun lunches for kids. Traditionally these boxed lunches were simple meals created by people of Japanese culture, but the ever popular Kyaraben or Character Bento Boxes have made their way to the United States and other countries abroad! Check out these great ideas from around the web and inspiration to make your children's lunches creative too! 

1. Frozen Lunch
Mom Endeavers Meals

Check Out how To Make This Pizza Box Here


3. Ninja Turtle Bento
Look At More Disney Bento Boxes Here!


4. Bear’s ABC Bento
Cook Cute With This Cute Bento Box


5. Three Little Pigs
Check Out More Of This Bloggers "FOTOLOG" Here


6. Lunch Box Dad Minions
Check Out His Pinterest Page Here!


7. Corn Dracula
More Halloween Boxes Here!


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8. Soccer Ball Bento
Check It Out On Pinterest Here!


9. Vegan Gingerbread Men
Compassionate Fitness Meals Here!


10. Veggie Fried Rice, 5-Spice Baked Tofu, Blueberries and Tamari Almonds
Check Out More Vegan Meals Here!


11. Two Flying Pigs
Check it Out Here!


12. Blue Water Bento
Bento Lunch Found On Pinterest


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