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6 Products To Make Meal Time On-The-Go Easier!

by Jenna Gleason

Travel time with a tiny one is always an adventure. With these products from great companies like Thinkbaby and Bucket Bib, you can rest assured that at least meal time on-the-go will be a breeze!

Clearly Crafted from Happy Baby

Happy Family Brands is a company that creates yummy tasting food for babies and more. Clearly Crafted Organic Baby Food Pouches have new clear packaging. All 12 recipes in these on-the-go pouches are transparent, so parents can see the delicious recipes and vibrant colors. 


Reflo - Smart Cup Family

Reflo’s Smart Cup is a training cup that is an alternative to sippy cups. The cup’s rotating engineering helps your kids avoid spilling and get the perfect amount of sip from each angle and degree. It’s virtually splash proof which makes it ideal for transportation in strollers, cars and more!

Squeasy Gear

Squeasy Gear is a company that produces reusable food pouches. They come in three different sizes, 16oz, 6oz and 3.5oz and comes four different colors. Its rubbery "squeeze texture" helps kids squeeze every last drop of their applesauce out. Its lid comes with different sizes as well so a variety of liquid foods can fit. Great for on-the-go snack time! 


The original "Mom Invented" anti-spill snack cup is colorful with an imprint designed for use by small children. An ample cup with "easy to hold" handles, The Snack Trap also has a soft lid, allowing little hands to go inside to gather snacks, but prevents spills when hands are removed.

Modern Twist - Bucket Bib

Bucket Bib features include a cute design, plastic free silicone material, and adjustable notches for fitting your baby just right. Reuse over and over knowing that your baby is safe from lead, latex, phthalates, BPAs, & other harsh chemicals found in plastic & lower-grade silicone. Roll up the flexible, memory-free bib for on-the-go dining and rescue clothes from endless spills & stains with the non-porous, dishwasher safe material.


Thinkbaby- BPA Free Feeding Set

Thinkbaby has created a great line of products for baby. For travel ease try “The Complete BPA Free Feeding Set”. It comes with a Bento Box, Soup Bowl, Baby Bowl, and a Kids Cup. The bowls and the bento box include lids to help with transportation. Made from stainless steel, this set also comes in multiple colors.

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Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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