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Practice addition and early multiplication while moving your turtle around the island, collecting cards along the way to win! 

SimplyFun publishes award-winning educational board games for kids ages 3 and up and believes in the undeniable power of shared play to learn. Each SimplyFun game promotes one of four main educational categories: Life and Thinking Skills, Reading and Language Arts, Social Sciences and Studies, and Math and STEM.

With nearly 150 games in the collection that benefit children at different ages and skill levels, SimplyFun games are helping parents balance screen time with face-to-face attention and togetherness. The best part: the games are specifically designed to fit into busy schedules – most games take 30 min or less to play, start to finish. Commitment to quality has helped SimplyFun win over 200 awards from leading organizations in the world of play, education, and parenting.


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