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Simple STEM Play Board

by Jenna Gleason



Using a ruler and a sharpie, section off the poster board according to each section.

Square 1. Paint 5 jumbo popsicle sticks white. Once dry, tape the sticks together and draw a lion using markers. Velcro each popsicle stick separately and placed them together on the board.

Lesson: This makes a puzzle for your little one to work on, helping with coordination and problem solving skills.

Square 2. Trace a diamond on the board. Individually hot glue the pipe cleaners row after row in the diamond. Label it a “diamond”.  

Lesson: Teaches colors, the diamond shape, and soft touch from the pipe cleaners.

Square 3. Draw an oval on the board. Roll pieces of tissue paper into balls and hot glue them to fill the oval. Label it “oval”.


Lesson: This teaches colors, the oval shape, and the feel of paper from the tissue paper.

Square 4. Using different colors, paint the lids. Next, simply hot glue the colors to form the color circle.  

Lesson: Learn colors and mixing colors colors, primary colors for example.

Square 5.  Draw a triangle. Hot glued a piece of yarn in the shape of a shoe lace. Leave room so the top is tieable. Label it “triangle". 

Lesson: This helps with colors, shapes and tying shoe laces.

Square 6. Draw a trapezoid. Make pompoms using yarn. Wrap a strand of yarn around two fingers, tie off the wrap, cut the yarn holding the wrap in place, cut the wrap. The yarn will flare out, making a pom pom. Hot glue the pompoms in the trapezoid. Label is “trapezoid”.  

Lesson:  This teaches color, soft touch and shapes.

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